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“I came to Dr Okun because my girlfriend told me to come. She didn’t like the way my teeth looked. After I started my braces, she started too. Now she is completely amazed and very happy by the way I look now. In fact we are getting married this summer. Thanks to Dr. Okun for the treatment of my case. She even tried with me a new treatment ‘Propel,’ which made it so I finished faster and so that I don’t need implants to replace teeth. I am REALLY HAPPY with the results. Dr. Okun overall is an excellent professional and I really like the way she treated me as a person.”
— Victor M. (adult patient)

“A beautiful smile is the end result of her treatment. She does the work herself, and she is flexible in trying to accommodate any urgency in our busy schedule. It is an individualized service, not a factory where the doctor only checks if the work is done accordingly. I also learned that everyone can benefit from a proper dentistry treatment independent of age. All I know is that Dr. Judith Okun tries to improve her practice and her knowledge. She uses alternative pain treatments and safe technique. For all that, I am here saying thank you Dr. Okun from our family.”
— The Wilczewskis (three members of this family were treated)

“Local FB friends/family: if you know of anyone who needs braces or any work done by an orthodontist, I highly recommend Dr. Okun. I’m a current patient and she is a doctor who spends time with her patient, listens to the patient’s concerns and provides answers and suggestions. Very knowledgeable, but then don’t take my word, check out her website!”
— Carolyn T. (adult patient)

“Best orthodontist ever!”
— Laura C.

“Dr. Okun has treated all three of my daughters and now I am a patient as well! My girls have beautiful smiles, thanks to Dr. Okun’s expertise, patience(!), and dedication to perfection in orthodontia. I can’t wait for my new (straight) smile from my aligners!”
— Rachel G.

“I’m very happy with the results I’m getting. I smile more. My braces don’t come out on the pictures so my smile looks just perfect. I can honestly say that braces changed me because I’m a happier person now. I used to be scared to smile because I thought that people are going to laugh. But not anymore. Thank you.”
— I. K. (adult female who had clear brackets)

“I used to think braces were bad, but now I know they are good. I can chew much better now.”
— J. B. (male teenager)

“I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with my outcome. I’m so glad I chose Dr. Okun. She is the best!”
— A. M. (female adult)